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Launched in May 2014, the Art Discovery Group Catalogue (ADGC) offers an art-focused research experience within the OCLC WorldCat environment. Researchers may search within this specialized subset of Worldcat data to hone in on a vast trove of art-historical literature held in an ever-increasing number of the world’s finest art libraries.  These art library records are searchable alongside additional content from a multitude of sources in the large metadata pool derived from thousands of commercial and freely-accessible collections, portals and repositories provided by OCLC as the WorldCat Central Index.


Thanks to the development of the Art Discovery Group Catalogue, bibliographic records from a number of art libraries previously not in OCLC are now openly discoverable in the ADGC as well as in the general Worldcat, offering information about more of the world’s art-related publications to researchers while providing greater visibility for the art libraries worldwide.  In addition, unique and important art-historical citation resources such as kubikat are now integrated within the ADGC, with others to follow, including the legacy files of the Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA).


Future plans for this growing art-historical research tool are to identify and prioritize–with the engagement of the ADGC community–other art-related databases, journals, etc. requiring group subscriptions in order to be discoverable in the ADGC. Work on refining and enhancing the user experience within the ADGC is another high priority for the committee that will informed by the community.  Another priority is to work with OCLC on the potential integration of more materials outside of traditional bibliographic boundaries, such as archives, images, and born-digital material.